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Sclerotherapy | The Vein Institute of Phoenix | 480-496-2655 | Non Surgical Treatment of Varicose & Spider Veins | Dr. Kelli Favata



Medical or Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy is a form of Sclerotherapy that is considered a “medically necessary” treatment and is covered by most health insurance plans. This type of sclerotherapy is done under the guidance of ultrasound and the sclerosing solution is foamed and injected into the selected vein. (as in the image to the right) Once injected, the vein will become irritated, collapse and the body will absorb it during the natural healing process.  ​


Cosmetic Sclerotherapy is used to treat spider veins that may be affecting the aesthetic appearance of your legs. A small needle is used to inject the sclerosant into the treated vein. As with medical Sclerotherapy the vein becomes irritated, will collapse and dissolve over time with the natural healing process of the body. Health inscurance doe not usually cover this type of sclerotherapy. ​