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Testimonials | The Vein Institute of Phoenix | 480-496-2655 | Non Surgical Treatment of Varicose & Spider Veins | Dr. Kelli Favata

Client Testimonial

I wish to express my many thanks and appreciation for the knowledge, professionalism, and care that has been given to me by yourself and staff.  Everyone works as a “team” and all are very helpful with my treatments.

For 40 years I have been dealing with venous Insuffocency without understanding the situation it was causing me.  Always being told nothing could be done.  Since I was referred to Dr. Favata (9/2012) I have found out my major problems has not been just retaining water.  (As I was always told and put on water pills that never helped.)  She immediately discovered my other condition Primary Lymphedema as well.  These two together has caused me much pain, swelling in my legs, and never easy to walk.  I felt lid I was caring around lead in my legs.

After my first treatment I found much relief in my legs.  She has taken care of the major problems and both les are not busing, swelling, and going down in size, and not holding water retention.  I fell like my body is not burdened anymore with the over stressed situation of Venoous Insfuffocency.  She made sure whoever was to help in my procedures or healing was of the best quality in their ability to help me.  I am currently working with lymphatic therapist that will help me with my Lympadema.  She talked to her “personally” and with those that were to be an aid to me to make sure they were “qualified”.

It has been 4 moths since the treatment and I feel 100% better.  I am sure that if I had not been sent to Dr. Favata my condition would have been put aside like it has always been in the professional field.  I would be getting worse as my body could no longer even begin to deal daily with this condition.  It was so over worked.

I would recommend ANYONE with this condition to do these procedures early in their life as soon as possible as the situation will only get worse and it really did take the quality away from my life even though I handled the obstacles.  I feel like I have gained some of my body freedom back.

Thank you to ALL that has been apart of this procedure with me.  To me, this is the “old” fashion way of helping a person with compassion, concern, knowledge, and with the “new” procedures.  Dr, Favata and the staff is the ONLY place people with this condition should go to.  She knows what she is doing 100%